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The Pancake House

Oudt Leyden “Pannekoekenhuysje,” is located on the Steenstraat in the centre of Leiden since 1907. Oudt Leyden has become one of the most famous and beloved pancake houses in the Netherlands. Over the years, we have been blessed with a large variety of international celebrities such as Charles de Gaulle, Sir Winston Churchill and even various members of the Dutch Royal Family. Our delicious pancakes are made of our very own original recipe made from 100% fresh ingredients. You will be greeted with an authentically ‘Old Dutch’ traditional atmosphere that will make your time at Oudt Leyden truly memorable. Oudt Leyden pancake house delivers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The classically Dutch room is decorated with traditional items such as Delft blue plates, tiles, and various other collectibles that will ensure an authentic an cozy atmosphere. Visit Oudt Leyden and add to the list of distinguished individuals that may have preceded you such as the Dalai Lama and Ramses Shaffy themselves.

The 'Schout en Schepenen' Room: (Mayor and Aldermen Room)

The ‘Mayor and Aldermen’ room is large and beautifully situated above the main restaurant and boasts its very own separate bar. The intimate and historic character of the Mayor and Aldermen room is ideal for graduation celebrations, business presentations, meetings and banquets. The Mayor and Aldermen Room is situated right in the centre of town, a stone’s throw away from Central Station and easily accessible from the parking lots ‘Morspoort’ and ‘Molen de valk’.

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